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  • ICEBERRY features a 50mm high-airflow fan and an optimized aluminum heatsink with enlarged space that extends across the surface of the Raspberry Pi 4 board to improve heat dissipation and avoid thermal throttling . The specially designed aluminum body reduces temperatures and provides space for your system. You can then overclock and keep temperatures in the normal range.
  • GP Extreme high conductivity die-cut thermal pads cover all heat-generating components, i.e. memory IC SOC and RAM, providing an efficient thermal interface for heat transfer to the heatsink fan module. Side slots integrated into the aluminum housing further improve airflow.
  • All E/A ports and slots such as USB-C power port and micro HDMI ports, audio port, USB ports, display slot and others are easily accessible. ICEBERRY offers additional access to microSD cards and camera cables.
  • To cool the IC, an automatic duty cycle is used, the effective frequency becomes lower, and the operating temperature gradually reaches the normal range. In this cycle, the power of the IC decreases until it no longer runs cool. ICEBERRY significantly improves the cooling of the Raspberry Pi 4. Therefore, the operating temperature is much lower and thermal throttling is prevented from triggering under any workload.


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