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AMBER 8 Pro controls up to 8 fans, 10 LED strips or other addressable RGB (ARGB) devices and boasts 366 pre-programmed, vibrant RGB lighting modes. Comes with an RF remote control for convenient operation. You can also control the speed of those PWM fans using the RF remote control. Supports ARGB hub functions via 3-pin ARGB Sync input when connected to compatible motherboards such as ASUS TM, MSI TM or ASRock TM.

Combined with our STELLA Infinity, it is a perfect blend of cutting-edge technologies and vibrant design. STELLA Infinity features 8 hub-mounted ARGB LEDs and 16 independent frame-mounted ARGB LEDs to illuminate the elegant Dual Ring lighting. The Infinity mirror in the center of the fan, combined with the LED ring, creates a black hole illusion. The fan boasts a hydrodynamic bearing for increased reliability and an optimized impeller for improved airflow. Vivid lights, sturdy construction and silent operation make STELLA Infinity a worthy companion for gaming PCs.

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