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  • ERGONOMIC SHAPE: APEX has a vertical shape scientifically designed to improve comfort and ergonomics and spend countless hours at the computer. Helps keep your wrist in a natural handshake position to minimize muscle strain and reduce strain.
  • 3 DPI MODES: For high accuracy and increased productivity, APEX offers precise optical detection up to 1600 DPI, which works on virtually any surface, including glass.
  • NEXT/PREVIOUS BUTTONS: APEX also offers optimal size and weight, non-slip coating and next/previous navigation buttons for ease of use. All this makes it the perfect equipment to help you with everyday math and games.
  • PLUG-N-PLAY: APEX is compatible with all common operating systems including Linux and MacOS.

Part Number: VM-01-A

EAN: 4897025782174

Model: VM-01-A

Binding: Personal computer

Item condition: new

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