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  • EASY SETUP & FULL COMPATIBILITY: FlexMount Duo offers a quick-to-install design consisting of edge clamps or grommet fixings for table thicknesses from 10 to 100mm. Supports 75x75mm and 100x100mm VESA mounts up to 8kg load capacity per arm and handles various monitor types, including Ultrawide screens.
  • OMNI FLEXIBLE TILTING AND SWIVELING. 105° tilt, 180° rotation and 360° rotation. You can freely adjust the height, depth and angle of the monitors. 100% flexible in arranging the most convenient location for you.
  • IMPROVED FOR GAMING AND STREAMING: The dual monitor setup is a de facto standard for gaming and streaming these days. But it only makes sense in a correct configuration. FlexMount Duo helps you easily and ergonomically combine mixed or same screens.
  • DESKTOP HARMONY AND ERGONOMICS: Academic studies on workstation ergonomics recommend that the top of a screen is approximately 5 cm to 7 cm above eye level, the optimal viewing distance is 50 to 75 cm and the monitor tilt is 15 to 20 °.
  • WARRANTY: 2 year warranty


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