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  • Magnet Mesh 120 is designed to prevent dust from entering your PC. Dust not only worsens aesthetics but reduces cooling performance and can also accumulate a certain amount of electrical capacitance and conductivity which compromises the reliability and lifespan of the computer.
  • Featuring tiny fibers and airflow-optimized PVC mesh with 17 dense pores per inch, Magnet Mesh 120 provides dust filtration and allows up to 90% free passage of airflow. It is durable, washable, reusable and compatible with all standard 120mm fans and vents.
  • Magnet Mesh 120 can be applied to the air inlet or outlet of your PC metal chassis, power supply cabinet, HTPC or any other device with 120mm fans installed. Fits in seconds thanks to magnetic design!
  • If your PC chassis is non-metallic, the magnetic chassis can be removed and the filter mounted on the chassis vents with pre-applied adhesive tape.
  • Includes 3 x 120 links

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